Do you want to make $1k+ by writing? Me too but first, how to get views

Daily writing challenge in the next 30 days helped me to achieve a $1k milestone.



I’m going to share with you my own journey here people are making a good amount of money, and we only focus on the results but nobody knows behind the scenes.

Do you want to make $1k+ by writing? Me too but first, how to get views
The total number of views in the last 30 days of the screenshot by authors

Chances are you’re thinking that 29,000+ views Wow it’s a great result no doubt your support is included in this but

My daily small effort plays a little bit important role.

Our goal is to make up to $1500+ in this month after achieving $1000+ milestone.

Let’s start with a positive attitude how? Support each other if you want growth.

Maybe you’re facing some issues like there are no views on my content and I know how hard it is for every content creator.

Here’s my schedule

  • Publish 1 Article.
  • Read other writers' work.
  • Setup own Publication.
  • Practice regular writing Good Headlines
  • Share content with relevant audiences.
  • Quality and Quantity both are important.

Of course, these things are samples at the time of reading but in reality, it takes time only your true commitment is going to actually help you to reach the destination you have dreamt of.

In the last what I want to say to you is, Practice a lot of writing good & interesting healdines this platform really loves valuable work and you know very well as a content creator the importance of first impressions.

Have a happy writing.

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