Here’s What You Need to do When Your Articles Get No Views

Know the exact strategy I used personally to get views, and reads, and make revenue.



Here’s What You Need to do When Your Articles Get No Views
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If your articles get no views & read then no doubt, It can be very disappointed Because I have gone through this, So how to make it easy, and get results like this:

Here’s What You Need to do When Your Articles Get No Views
This is my views dashboard screenshot by the authors

Remember, you’re not going to viral within one night or in the first week, It’s a long-term journey Make sure to follow all the important steps,

In this guide, I’m going to give you the best roadmap for your success.

Let’s start with the article, the first aim your should be is how to make a first dollar ($) online through writing.

Such as

It will be easier for you if you have a lot of bit confidence, belief, and responsibility I know the value of feeling that comes with making $1 online.

And by the way, It’s impossible to control your emotions.

Forget sleep, and do more and more work because you have seen that online earning is legit.


So, back to the topics.

Here’s maybe your process of writing an article

An idea comes to your mind, You have done the research, you have started writing, and ultimately submitted to the Publication.

But in some cases, it’s not going to make you a successful writer here’s what you need to do, based on my strategy.

Choosing your niche in writing

I have discussed this thing many times in my posts, Why? because it’s very important.

It clearly shows what’s your expertise if you’re going to target just one topic in writing.

The 2nd thing you need to practice is

Headlines (it’s the first and last things)

Once you have done the specific niche you have knowledge of an attractive headline that makes your writing more engaging.