How to Get Views on Your Article When You’re Struggling And Going to Quit Writing

2 min readSep 17, 2023
Photo by Leilani Angel on Unsplash

Of course, getting more views on our content is a dream of every writer even if we are beginners.

Here it can be a big challenge especially when you are struggling and thinking about quitting your writing journey.

But it can be possible to get more views when you are struggling by making strategies and showing consistency. Here are some proven steps you can copy and improve the views on your content.

Depend upon quality not quantity

If you want to get more and more views on your content then it becomes essential the content you’re going provide is based on quality and reality

Don’t rely on quantity we write thousands of words and quantity increases the chances of success.

It could never happen if you do this You feel disappointed so if you want to get more views then depends upon quality not quantity and then it could be very effective in forcing people to read your content and forced them to leave encouraging comments.

So if you want to motivate yourself then start providing quality in your content and see results.

Take time to research

We just think writing is very simple and easy, we can write without doing research and can get success but it’s not true and in the end, we fail.

Every business we want to start whether it is online or offline demands a lot of time to spend on it.

It could be a year or two years and many more then we can find out the way to success. We just desire that our future will become light in no time due to a lack of consistency and motivation.

So make a little effort and make sure to do research before start writing your articles because when you do research you get more ideas to express your feelings in the best way according to market demand and you can get more views on your article.

Write friendly and respectable content for the audience

However, when we start writing we just take the initiative step with one thinking that we just make money from writing and sometimes we get it and sometimes we fail in our motive.

But when you write for the audience like friendly and respectable content for audience then you can get both money and popularity and these are both things we want in writing.

When people come to read your content they feel free to ask questions and they find respect for us in our content they can share our content with friends or social media accounts and we get as many views as we want.