My THREE Most Successful Recently Published Articles — (Views & Earnings)

No more problems in the writing business adopt these things first if you want to get more views on your article.



My (Five) Most Successful Articles (Views+Earnings)
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As you know exercise is necessary for a fit healthy body

Then What’s the exercise of our brain of course, writing is the best exercise for our brain.

But how to win in writing?

After reading thousands of ARTICLES about writing

How do you get more views on your articles or What’s the key to success in Writing Online?

Here are the things you need to know before writing content.

  • Every time your main focus should be your readers.
  • Your writing should be live a one-to-one discussion (Your Journey or experience-based articles)
  • Learn the basics of Search engine optimization.

These are my most successful articles views and earning reveal.

My FOUR Most Successful Articles — (Views & Earnings)
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As you know I have my own Publication and recently I have opened a submission for the new writers

In the last 9 days, I got 1200 Views And I have made $78.

My FOUR Most Successful Articles And I Just Published a Week ago — (Views & Earnings)
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In this article, I have shared with you how consistency is important of course more views on your content.

I got 1500 views and in return, I made $73.

My FOUR Most Successful Recently Published Articles — (Views & Earnings)
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Steps I have applied and now it’s is your time if you’re struggling with how to get views

In the last 26 days 2800 Views and $95 earnings.

What’s special in all these articles, plus I’m not an expert in writing