This is the (Number One Big Mistake) Small Writers Still Make

As a new writer, you’re probably making this single mistake now it’s time to fix it here’s how.



This is the Number One Big Mistake Small Writers Still Make
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What’s the big problem you have very little engagement on your content.

Maybe I’m writing very less compared to the other writers.

It’s ok but why you’re getting more and more frustration instead of enjoyment, peace, etc.

Now it’s time to reveal to you the big mistake probably you’re making and in return, these are the results chances are you have.

  • You have few views & followers.
  • Minimum claps.
  • And a few comments.

No doubt, the support of other people makes you a very active and more productive writer

But if you want growth internally then stop making this mistake Once I fix this check these results, (Anyway thank you very much for reading my work on a daily basis)

This is the Number One Big Mistake Small Writers Still Make
Here’s the number of views in the last 30 days and screenshots by authors

Let’s move to the mistake many small & new writers including me still make

You’re not going to win hearts in the first impression.

It’s not a new thing, Different platforms work very differently.

On the Image-sharing platforms, you need to create a good quality image so that you will able to get clicks, views, and even reads.

But this writing platform itself suggests you write quality work and I will promote you it doesn’t matter if you have a big following or a very small one.

Everything starts with Quality Headlines, In the past 2 years the things I have learned are called Headline

No views mean you’re doing something wrong with your Headlines.

  • Probably You’re writing Clickbait Headlines

But trust me It’s not going to make you a very popular writer.

So what do you need to do, Make a schedule writing up to 3 to 5 Quality and clickbait free…