Without investment- Start Making Money Online

Best Passive income source.

2 min readJun 26, 2022


Without investment- Start Making Money Online
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In today’s guide, I share with you the overall best passive income source that you can start with little or without investment.

Now the question is that in the title I use a word without investment and now I write a word with little investment, which means you have two options if you want to with the professional method then you required some investment otherwise you can go with free method.

In the last 30 days, I made $1,986.73 in revenue proof in the above picture. Remember this is the money I have made on Amazon as an affiliate, Affiliate means by promoting someone else products and making commissions.

You can also start this business from today.

With investment: Create your own website or blog ( If u WordPress then you need to pay $25 per year for NameCheap domain and hosting)

Without investment: Create your own free blog on Blogger.

Start publishing content in the shape of reviews of products on your websites. e.g best microwave for beginners.

Follow Adam enfroy YouTube channel and learn the whole procedure of how to start a successful blogging and affiliate marketing business.

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